Excalibur RS-260-EDP Series

  • Remote Start
  • Low Battery Automatic Starting
  • Turbo Timer
  • Pit-Stop Features
  • Valet Mode Two Remotes
  • 1,500ft. Range

Excalibur Echo 4

  • LCD Display with Blue Backlit Screen

  • Extended Range Remote

  • 5 Convenient Button Setup

  • Remote Start

  • 433MHz Frequencies

  • 1,500ft. Range

Excalibur RS-360-EDP+

  • Remote Start
  • Trunk Release
  • Manual Transmission Starting
  • Pit-Stop Features
  • Turbo Timer Features
  • Valet Mode
  • Two Remotes
  • 1,500ft. Range

Omega Car Link Android/iPhone

  • Start/Lock/Unlock
  • From Virtually Anywhere in the
  • World, right from your smart phone
  • GPS Tracking Also Available

The website for the Remote Start "brain"                                                                          

The websites for the bypass modules                                         or 

Contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment for an installation of a remote starter in your car, suv, or truck, gas or diesel !  Remote Sarter  Framingham, Mass. 01702  225  Arlington Street.
If you want to email me about a remote start for your vehicle:  or call me about a particular remote start system for your own personal needs, please feel free to call 508-768-7117

The main brands that I use for remote car starters are Omega Excalibur remote car starters & Compustar remote car starters.
I can, upon request utilize other brands such as Code alarm remote starters, Prestige remote car starters, Avital car starters,
Viper remote starters, and Python car remote starters .

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CompuStar CS800-S

  • Start/Lock/Unlock
  • Compatible with the DroneMobile Smartphone Control
  • Compatible With Both Gas & Diesel Engines
  • Quickly Pop Your Trunk By Holding The Release Button For 2.5 Seconds
  • Valet Mode Allows For The Disabling of The Remote Stat Settings When Servicing Your Vehicle or Parking Valet

DroneMobile Smartphone Control

  • Start/Lock/Unlock
  • Compatible with the CompuStar CS800-S
  • Unlimited Range
  • Interactive Security System With Status Updates (Break-In, Door Triggers, Ignition, etc.)
  • Onboard GPS System With Real-Time Tracking
  • GPS Alerts (Curfew, Location, Zone, Speed, Maintenance, etc.)