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If you are looking for a remote starter, you have come to the right place.  I am located in framingham mass 01702
I have been installing remote starters professionally for 15 years. I am a mechanic full time specializing in electrical repair.  Being a mechanic, I have had the opportunity to see a lot of car start installations that needed repair, mostly caused by plastic connectors that are used. This is why I solder every connection made. This ensures 100% reliability, thus leaving the only possible malfunction to the remote start module itself, which is why I prefer to use products made by OMEGA. Omega has been in the Remote  Car Starter  & Vehicle Security business for many years and they make a very reliable product. Another one of Omega's trademarks is their convenience button which is located right on the window mounted extended range antenna. This is done for ease of access, instead of reaching down below the dash like you would have to do with all of the other brands.  Car  Starter  Installation .  I have been in business the longest in Framingham and Natick installing
car starters , seeing many places come & go..

Remote Car Starter Installation in Framingham

Life-Time Warranty on Product & Labor 

Even though price should not be an issue when dealing with an automobiles electrical system, I will match or beat
anybody's price. However, I have already done the research for you, and I know what my competitor's prices
are already, and I am already less money . The main concern should be the quality of the install, and that is where
I definetely stand alone. Nobody is close to the level of expertise that you will get when you have me install
your remote car starter.  So, you will get the best possible install at the best price! Unbeatable! Also,  IF,  you ever have a problem, I am a phone call away, unlike the stores where you will wait inline, and go through countless procedures just to have a warranty issue or even an upgrade!
remote car starter installation framingham

Since 1998, most cars have incorporated some kind of anti- theft system or an original equipment alarm (OEM).
This system is called an" Immobilizer Bypass System". The type varies from different car manufacturers, but its function and purpose remains the same.  Basically, there is a little chip that is inside the base of the key that produces a "RF" signal to a receiver that is right near the front of the key cylinder. When the key is in the ignition, the receiver picks up the signal that the key is emitting and sends a signal to the cars main computer to allow the vehicle to start. This system needs to be bypassed in order for the car to be Remote Started. There are companies that make these modules and I will provide a link to them on another page in addition to a link of the Remote Start Company that I use, Omega.    for smart phone apps          for all car audio

Contact me with any questions you may have or would like to schedule an appointment.  
I can be reached by email :      or  cell   508-768-7117

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