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Omega Car Link Android/iPhone

  • Start/Lock/Unlock
  • From Virtually Anywhere in the
  • World, right from your smart phone
  • GPS Tracking Also Available

Excalibur RS-260-EDP Series

  • Remote Start
  • Low Battery Automatic Starting
  • Turbo Timer
  • Pit-Stop Features
  • Valet Mode Two Remotes
  • 1,500ft. Range

Contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment for an installation of a remote starter in your car, suv, or truck, gas or diesel !  Remote Sarter  Framingham, Mass. 01702 
If you want to email me about a remote start for your vehicle: bobby11@rcn.com  or call me about a particular remote start system for your own personal needs, please feel free to call 508-768-7117

The main brands that I use for remote car starters are Omega Excalibur remote car starters & Compustar remote car starters.
I can, upon request utilize other brands such as  Code  alarm  remote starters,  Prestige  remote car starters,  Avital  car starters,
 Viper  remote  starters, and  Python  car remote starters .

I have another site where you can leave reviews.

The websites for the bypass modules                                                 www.omegaweblink.com  or www.idatalink.com 

Excalibur Echo 4

  • LCD Display with Blue Backlit Screen

  • Extended Range Remote

  • 5 Convenient Button Setup

  • Remote Start

  • 433MHz Frequencies

  • 1,500ft. Range



CompuStar CS800-S

  • Start/Lock/Unlock
  • Compatible with the DroneMobile Smartphone Control
  • Compatible With Both Gas & Diesel Engines
  • Quickly Pop Your Trunk By Holding The Release Button For 2.5 Seconds
  • Valet Mode Allows For The Disabling of The Remote Stat Settings When Servicing Your Vehicle or Parking Valet

DroneMobile Smartphone Control

  • Start/Lock/Unlock
  • Compatible with the CompuStar CS800-S
  • Unlimited Range
  • Interactive Security System With Status Updates (Break-In, Door Triggers, Ignition, etc.)
  • Onboard GPS System With Real-Time Tracking
  • GPS Alerts (Curfew, Location, Zone, Speed, Maintenance, etc.)

The website for the Remote Start "brain"                                                                                    www.caralarm.com

Excalibur RS-360-EDP+

  • Remote Start
  • Trunk Release
  • Manual Transmission Starting
  • Pit-Stop Features
  • Turbo Timer Features
  • Valet Mode
  • Two Remotes
  • 1,500ft. Range