If you want a remote starter Framingham  for you car, suv, truck, gas or diesel, please email me at bobby11@rcn.com or call my cell 508-768-7117 

A remote starter can benefit your car, too, for it is not a good idea to get right into your vehicle, start it & drive away!  I do offer discounts for mutiple vehicles that you may need a  remote starter  for.  I am in the Framingham, Ma  area installing remote starters.  If you want to  remote start  your vehicle and get it warm then give me a call.  The distance that the Omega remote start system I use is 2000 feet.  If you want your  remote starter  to have a longer range, Omega makes a 2-way remote that will increase the range and confirm the remote start with a signal back to a lcd remote.  Omega also has a "touch screen" remote and a  1 mile range remote.  For those who want to  remote start  their vehicle from anywhere in the world , an  I Phone  app is available. It will work on  i-phones, androids, and  blackberries . Omega covers just about any  remote starter  needs you may have.  All installalation of  remote starters are done in framingham, mass. 01702

Although, remote car starters are my specialty, I can accomodate any other needs you might have that have to do with car audio or car alarms. I will provide a link below to any and all audio products that can be acquired and installed into your vehicle.

GPS Tracking devices are also a specialty of mine. With the 2 types of  GPS tracking systems that I have to offer, you can either locate your own vehicle, track a fleet of vehicles that your company may have, or have piece of mind in knowing where your teen is ! 

Additional Information

508-768-7117 / Bobby11@rcn.com