Remote Starter Facts

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Most cars on the road since 1998 ALL have the transponder system built into the key, whether you have a traditional key, a key with buttons (lock & unlock) or a proximity key, for most push to start vehicles. "Most cars", in actuality, means 98% of the vehicles on the road.

So, when you see that  groupon remote starter coupon for a lower price...make sure you read the fine print in the ad... It will say, "most cars require additional parts" .... this really means EVERY CAR... So, you will pay WAY more at the end. It is impossible for the  groupon remote starter  to be less money in the end. Everybody

needs to make a profit for their work. Nobody does something for nothing, and that's what groupon expects the

business to do in the way they market the  "sale" !  They want us , to mark our price down 50% , then take a percentage of that PRICE, essentially chopping the original price twice !

 So, the business that is advertising through groupon absolutely , 100%

HAS to charge you, ( the customer ) , an additional fee when you drop your vehicle off. This practice of business

is just unethical , and, more importantly, you will pay more in the long run and get a lesser product .

They will also add for door locks and every other feature you can possibily think of. Get the truth, the first time from me. The best price & best quality product / installation possible.